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Zander Kane aka Mr. Vain, plans to marry himself in a crazy publicity stunt to avoid commitment to any relationships. His plan is to keep his rich playboy womanizing lifestyle and become the next big celebrity superstar. He has changed his name to Mr. Vain to annoy his wealthy father. His parents and therapist recruit a young woman to watch after their embarrassing son before he destroys his future beyond repair.

(18+ Mature: Strong language and adult themes)

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Work In Progress

The Perfect Weapon - (Details coming soon. )

Ashford Series - Love, drama, and passion insue with the seven Ashford siblings of Ashford Sports. Each book follows the romance of the brothers and sisters of this close nit family.  The Ashford series is a sports-based romance series with a strong female protagonist who enters the world of the family-owned sports brand. 

  • The first book in the Ashford Series "Dangerous Business" is full of drama, love, and compassion. The sports-loving superfan, Eve, gets unexpectedly involved with a con man who threatens the very core of the Ashford family, and its billion-dollar business. Things get heated when her long-time fangirl crush for the former pro football player and father, Hunter Ashford, shakes things up. The meeting of her long-time crush blows the lid off her current romance, setting the stage for this dramatic romance.

Ashford Series Anthologies - A collection of romantic short stories from the friends and coworkers of the Ashford siblings. 

The Ring Post Series - After the third world war, that destroyed Earth as we know it, a new world had arisen. A united utopian world lead by four warrior-kings known as, The Ring Post. Monarchs in four corners of the world base their cultures on the traditions of wrestling history. The Ring Post series follows the path of Zoe Zappa and her blessed family origins. 

  • The first of the series brings us to the land of Meca in the book "Gilded". King Levi, of the country of Meca, has been cursed by an evil vampire/witch hybrid that threatens his land and his life. Good and evil are at the forefront of this supernatural fantasy. Levi’s supposed long-lost-twin brother emerges from a transfiguration enchantment taking over his honored identity. The hybrid Lorcan, in Levi’s image, controls half the country of Meca, and threatening to take over the world. Zoe Zappa, with her unique ability, proves to be the only answer to stop the curse and save her soulmate.

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Two Sides to Every Story:
Author, Nikki, is a married woman struggling with domestic abuse from her former boxing champ husband, Carson Dumont. She finds solitude in the one person she never expected from her husband's ex-boxing rival, Reece Maddox. Reece soon becomes her hero while teaching her how to fight back. Nikki learns the meaning of unconditional love from her boxing hero.

(Notice: Steamy scenes, domestic abuse, adult situations. )

Loretta Kendall - Author

Supernatural / Pro Wrestling Romance

Luna Moony is a fiction writer who's dreams and hallucinations result in blackouts from an undiagnosed illness. Her dreams take on a life of their own as she gets to the answers behind it all. Luna is being stalked by an unknown assailant that heightened the mysteries of her illness and her unusual gifts connected to the supernatural. 

Luna’s life seems to be looking up when she meets her pro wrestling hero and his friends, The Tribe. Her growing bond to the wrestler, Gunner Cain, could end a centuries-old curse. Gunner's secret life as a Lycan is connected to her illness and he wants her to become his Alpha Dreamer mate. Will the love between Luna and Gunner prove to be true soulmates? Or will Luna die of a broken heart?

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By: Loretta Kendall

Loretta Kendall writes romance novels in genres of supernatural, paranormal, pro wrestling, sports, and contemporary fiction. Young adult to steamy romance novels with strong and loving heroines with a happy ever after.

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