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Loretta Kendall writes romance novels in genres of supernatural, paranormal, pro wrestling, sports, and contemporary fiction. Young adult to steamy romance novels with strong loving heroines with a happy ever after.

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Two Sides to Every Story:
Author, Nikki, is a married woman struggling with domestic abuse from her former boxing champ husband, Carson Dumont. She finds solitude in the one person she never expected from her husband's ex-boxing rival, Reece Maddox. Reece soon becomes her hero while teaching her how to fight back. Nikki learns the meaning of unconditional love from her boxing hero.

(Notice: Steamy scenes, domestic abuse, adult situations. )

Loretta Kendall - Author

Super Nova Novel

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Nova is the hottest A-list celebrity rock star in the industry. Needing a change in her career, she wants to try her hand in the family business. Her father is the executive manager of the biggest wrestling promotion in the world, Powerbomb Global.

The spoiled rich girl is getting special treatment, but one man isn’t having it. What will happen when she comes toe-to-toe with her teenage crush and wrestling Megastar, Becket Knox? 18+ Warning: Subject matter may be triggering for some.

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Zander Kane, aka Mr. Vain, plans to marry himself in a crazy publicity stunt to avoid commitment to any relationships. His plan is to keep his rich playboy womanizing lifestyle and become the next big celebrity superstar. He has changed his name to Mr. Vain to annoy his wealthy father. His parents and therapist recruit a young woman to watch after their embarrassing son before he destroys his future beyond repair.

(18+ Mature: Strong language and adult themes)

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I Can't Make You Love Me

(Book 1) Isis joins the family business with her wrestling superstar cousins. Paired with the biggest wrestling faction and long-time crush, Gage Stone, she struggles to submit to the dominant male of the group. Gage has a private side that is lead by ego and commitment issues. Will Isis have to choose between love and submission? (18+ adult content)

Line Between Love and Hate

(Book 2) The fiery pink-haired ball of sass and wrestling new girl, Candy, is confronted with the bad-boy leader of the IWX faction, Retribution. She has to figure out how to get along with him or lose her push to be the next IWX wrestling superstar. Slade faces losing his top spot on the roster as he finds himself secretly falling for the colorful candy-coated new girl. The two may find they have more in common than they think when Slade learns of her hidden past.

IWX owner Davis reaches his boiling point when Slade and Candy’s constant battle of will start affecting everyone in the locker room. The IWX roster finds a way to make the unlikely duo get along or face the consequences of their actions. The dueling couple is thrown together when their peers decide to force them into a charity publicity stunt. Will two weeks handcuffed together be enough for them to end their feud?

The Chaperone

(Book 3) The pro-wrestling bad boys of Retribution are back and out of control. IWX owner, Davis Preston, hires the feisty sister of the intimidating duo, the Doom Brothers, to become their chaperone. Retribution gets more than they bargained for when the rough and tough sideshow fire-breather, Holly Bordeaux, gives them a run for their money and shows them who’s in charge.

Colt “45” Wesson, the new leader of the group, finds he has met his match when Holly becomes a thorn in his side. Holly loves to fight and her tough girl persona is threatened when she starts to fall for the IWX bad boy in the last book in the Wrestling with Love Series.

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