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Prices may vary on the project.

Photography starting at $125

Model Booking starting at $75

Book Editing

Book Formatting

I provide line editing, proofreading, and developmental editing for new authors and app authors looking to expand into the self-publishing print market.

Prices vary on the amount of editing needed. Contact for first chapter sample edit up to 1000 words.

Cover Art

Custom Book Cover Photography

(Prices subject to change.)

Standard Ebook Covers  $35 (One stock image/with text)

Deluxe Ebook Cover $40 (multi-image composite)

Fantasy Cover $60

Standard Print Book Covers

(Front, Spine, Back & Ebook) $60

Fantasy Digital Art Cover $75

Vella Cover Package $25

Vella button with free ebook cover when you purchase two buttons.




Loretta Kendall Author

Logo Design   $35

Marketing Graphics Package: (3 images)
Includes Social media banners and Mockups $25

For Amazon/KDP  Word and PFD files included.

Basic Format Print Book:

25,000 words        $45

50,000 words        $65

100,000+ words    $100

Premium with book art

25,000 words        $65
50,000 words        $75
100,000+ words    $125