Readers, I am so thankful for all your support over the past few years. Your reviews and comments have pushed me to follow along this incredible writing journey that is opening so many great opportunities.

I am glad to announce that was recently given the honor to work with Cayelle Publishing with my first traditionally published novel "Dreamer". I'm excited to be working with them on this and future works.

I will be limiting future free reads so I can focus on traditional publication going further. I will be completing stories that were ongoing in various apps including a prequel to Wrestling with Love. My number one goal is to give my readers my best work on whatever platform that they may be released.

Please follow me on any of my social media accounts @LorettaKAuthor for release updates. Thank you and happy reading!

                                                                                                                                              - Loretta K             

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Chapters Share the Love Contest Winner 2020

STand alone

Wrestling with Love Series

Ebook is now available for pre-order Amazon/Kindle.

The Fighter and the Fae is a story of rekindled love and second chances.

Calypso Fae is the acclaimed Fairy Godmother of events. Following a staged fan attack, while performing with the Ring Bella's Dance troupe, Caly is working to start over as a Miami event planner. Specializing in wedding planning, the shy southern belle struggles to find a happily ever after on her own. Wondering if her lifelong dream of the perfect wedding will be in the stars, Caly trades her own happiness to ensure other's event dreams come true.

Two years following the attack that ended her dance career, Caly is confronted with the past once more. Hired to organize her best friend Roxy's wedding, a trip to Las Vegas has the potential to turn her life around, or set it in a whirlwind of chaos. The groom's best man is suspected to be involved in a humiliating event, linked to the incident that resulted in Caly's injuries. Reconnected with her former heartthrob, MMA fighter Thorn Prescot, there may be hope for her future as she learns to trust him once more.

Secrets hidden in Thorn’s private life reveal that he is not the playboy Caly remembered him to be. The single father tries to set things right while fighting for his family’s future. Caly discovers there's more than meets the eye when she’s introduced to Thorn’s adorable daughter, Bella. Keeping his loved one's safe from the paparazzi, and his ex-wife’s greed has turned the fighters' life upside down. Two years of misunderstandings will be left behind when Caly steps up to help protect the child and find out the truth about her past.

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