Cover Art

Custom Book Cover Photography

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Prices may vary on the project.

Photography starting at $125

Model Booking starting at $75

Book Formatting


Loretta Kendall Author

For Amazon/KDP  Word and PFD files included.

Basic Format Print Book:

25,000 words        $25

50,000 words        $45

100,000+ words    $75

Premium with book art

25,000 words        $35
50,000 words        $55
100,000+ words    $85

Vella Cover Package $25

Vella button with free ebook cover.



Logo Design   $35

Marketing Material (Ask for custom pricing.)

(Prices subject to change.)

Standard Ebook Covers  $20 (One stock image)

Deluxe Digital Art Ebook Cover $25 (multi-image composite)

Fantasy Digital Art Cover $45

Standard Print Book Covers

(Front, Spine, Back & Ebook) $35

Fantasy Digital Art Cover $55

Marketing Graphics Package:

Social media banners and Mockups $25

Audiobook Covers $15

Social Media Cover Animations $15

(Above packages are standard stock images.)