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Zander Kane, aka Mr. Vain, plans to marry himself in a crazy publicity stunt to avoid relationship commitments. His plan is to keep his rich playboy lifestyle is the basis of his claim to fame, making him the next big reality star. Changing his name to Mr. Vain, he loves to annoy his wealthy father, making his plan even more entertaining for the man on a mission.

With his parents threatening to stop his trust fund, his therapist finds someone to watch after their embarrassing son before he destroys any hope for a future. Little does Zander know, he will be faced with the pain of love lost. In the midst of the chaos, a stalker ex has plans of her own to gain the attention of the wealthy bachelor. With his life and future on the line, can Zander's band of ex-girlfriends step in before it's too late?

(Romantic Comedy/Drama)



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